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About us

About us
  • Dawood Pack is a specialized company in manufacturing adhesive tape rolls and industrial stretch film since it was established

  • We are making our efforts to provide the best packaging solutions to our customers through the applying the latest technology and the use of ideal raw materials

  • We are keen to provide clean and sustainable manufacturing processes, and we believe in the importance of providing high quality services to our customers

  • We have a qualified and specialized team, with high experience and knowledge in the field of manufacturing adhesive rolls tapes and industrial stretch film rolls

  • We believe in the importance of constantly developing our products to meet our customer needs and international quality standards.

  • We always strive to cooperate with our customers and work hard to prove the quality of our products and support them with high quality services

Dawood Pack is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing plastic packaging materials. The company has gone through several stages of development during the previous years in searching for the best international technological standards in order to be the best among its competitors in the Egyptian market, not only in terms of production volume, but also in terms of product quality and safety


Dawood Pack produces large quantities of plastic packaging materials monthly and is keen to meet customer needs with great accuracy and implement the specifications agreed upon with the customer.


Customers are our partners in success, therefore we meet their requirements accurately, and this is our primary mission


Dawood Pack relies on three main criteria in the field of manufacturing plastic packaging materials:

  • Quality of products.

  • Commitment to implementing customer specifications.

  • Customer satisfaction and needs.


The factory has the latest machines, which are characterized by high operational speed, and more than 50 highly trained workers operate these smart machines.


We are currently seeking to implement an enlarged expansion strategy in order to reach the African and Arab markets. At the same time we are also striving to start export.

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